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Project: Asbestos Survey - Commercial Building Complex
Client: Verdugo Mental Health Center
Services: Asbestos survey of commercial complex redevelopment site, including visual inspection and bulk sampling of wall insulation, drywall, floor tiles, ceiling tiles, thermal system insulation, and mastic. Encountered friable (crushable) asbestos-containing materials and recommended abatement.
Project: Asbestos Survey - Vacant Manufacturing Facility
Client: Chino Valley Bank
Services: Asbestos survey, for potential buyer, including visual inspection and sampling/analysis of transite ducting and vinyl floor tile. Asbestos containing material was detected in floor. Abatement was recommended.
Project: Asbestos Survey - Restaurant
Client: Confidential Client
Services: Asbestos survey of restaurant facility and attached offices for owner. No friable (crushable) asbestos containing material was found.
Project: Asbestos Survey - Industrial Gas Distributor
Client: Gilmore Liquid Air Company
Services: Asbestos survey of industrial compressed gas facility, including offices and gas storage areas, for eventual site redevelopment, including visual inspection and sampling/analysis. No asbestos-containing materials were found.
Project: Asbestos Survey - Trailer Park and Sewing Shop
Client: Chino Valley Bank
Services: Asbestos survey of trailer park complex, including single family residences and washroom and storage facilities, and converted residences. Visual inspection and sampling/analysis revealed no asbestos-containing materials.
Project: Asbestos Survey - Private Residences
Client: Various
Services: Asbestos surveys, including visual inspection and sampling/analysis, of numerous private residences and apartment and condominium complexes.

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