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Project: Third Party Evaluations
Client: Various
Services: Performed numerous third party evaluations of site assessments, soil sampling/analysis programs, and remedial plans in order to provide independent examination of conclusions and recommendations of prior consulting studies. Notable results included conclusions that soil and groundwater remediation program was overdesigned and would not remediate to acceptable levels; soil sampling/analysis and groundwater monitoring program for transfer and storage facility was inadequate for remediation planning; proposed soil testing programs for truck repair facility and screw machine parts manufacturer were unwarranted; that soil sampling program for site of former underground storage tank at chemical company was inadequate.
Project: Public Records Searches
Client: Various
Services: Computerized database searches of all known state and federal hazardous waste sites within a one mile radius of a subject property, including sites undergoing or targeted for remediation or oversight; solid waste disposal facilities; landfills accepting hazardous waste; hazardous waste treatment, storage, disposal, and recycling sites; and leaking underground storage tank sites. Also searches of records of regulatory agency records for specific sites.

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